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Whiplash from your Car Crash?

If you’re in Calgary and are suffering from Whiplash symptoms from a motor vehicle accident (MVA) or collision (MVC), we can help! Treatment to the sprained muscles or WAD (whiplash associated disorder) is best received when it begins within 10 days of the injury occurring. 

Your insurance company will pay your claim for all minor injuries no matter who’s fault it is or who you choose for treatment. You don’t need to go where your insurance company suggests and you don’t need a referral to visit our physiotherapists for treatment. When you choose Bonavista you’re choosing health professionals that have some of the fastest recovery times across North America

We direct bill all major auto insurance companies, including (but not limited to): AMA, Allstate, Alpine Insurance, Aviva, Cooperators, Cumis, Desjardins, Economical, INtact, Johnson, SGI Canada, TD Meloche Monnex,  TD insurance, Cooperators, The Personal, Travelers Canada, Unifund Assurance Company, Wawanesa

Signs and symptoms of Whiplash

Woman experiencing a sore neck as a symptom of whiplash
Neck pain and stiffness
Painful and reduced range of motion
Weakness in the neck muscles
Difficulty lifting the head off the pillow or staying upright throughout the day
Often from the base of the skull
May need to rest or lie down occasionally
On the neck, upper back and shoulder areas
Increased pain with movement
Of the neck, upper back or shoulders
Sensory changes
Tingling or numbness

Whiplash Treatment

Research shows that ACTIVE treatment has better long term outcomes than passively receiving care.

A woman being treated for whiplash

Physical therapy treatment for whiplash is recommended within 10 days of injury to avoid chronic pain. There are a variety of pain management strategies (such as heat or ice) as well as a number of active treatments (such as stretching and strengthening). Research shows that without active treatment, injured tissues don’t heal properly or fully. At Bonavista Physical Therapy, we provide advice to help you avoid unnecessary strain and personalized treatment to help you recover from your injury quickly.

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Physiotherapy for Whiplash can:

A happy, whiplash-pain-free woman out for a walk
  • Help avoid chronic pain
  • Reduce pain and swelling
  • Strengthen neck muscles
  • Lead to a quick recovery
  • Develop a resistance to neck strain in the future
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I’m not one for writing online reviews, but this place is outstanding! Great customer service! Sarah my therapist was awesome; super knowledgeable...

Rhea McCaroll
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Bonavista Physical Therapy is excellent. It is our family's "go to" place for any physio or massage therapy. They have helped us recover from numerous...

Mary Cook
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They have helped me to rehabilitate successfully from two neck fusions and restored the ability to take care of my children. Definitely a group you can trust...

Dave McGillivray

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