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I was very pleased with the service I received at your clinic. The girls at the front desk were so prompt and welcoming when I went in. This was the first visit I'd ever had to see a therapist and it was such a wonderful visit. Julian, who I saw, was just the greatest. He explained what was going on with my neck and how he was going to help it get back to normal. This was explained in words that were very easy to understand. I felt Julian knew exactly what he was doing. He had me do some excercises and encouraged me to continue with them at home. If I had to see a therapist again, it would certainly be Julian, A big thank you to Julian and the girls at the front desk.

Jacquie Eligh
My physiotherapy, Julian is incredible. He is phenomenal at his job. If I ever had anything happen to me in the future, he will be my number one person to contact for my physiotherapist. He helps me more than once ,knowing how bad lucky I am!! I highly recommend Julian as your personal physiotherapist., Trust me you will not regret it.

Saniya is a highly skilled expert in lower back pain.  She took the time to do a detailed analysis and prescribed and supervised exercises that gave me quick pain management and improved range of motion.  I look forward to a life without pain that has followed me around for at least 10 years.  Thanks Saniya!

Sarah gave me many useful action items and her advice is really helping me.  Every meeting we make progress and she packs a lot into the appointment so great advice and great value.

I have just completed the 7 week GLA:D program for arthritic hips and knees.  Kari is an amazing teacher/guide/coach!  She is very encouraging and extremely knowlegeable. This course was conducted in a small group on Zoom.  The format worked brilliantly.  Kari watched closely and could correct each of us to get maximum benefit from the exercises.  Because they were done at home, it will be no problem continuing on my own...the materials I need are all here and accessible.  I was almost immobile when I began - just carrying on the minimum of activities was a challenge.  My strength, endurance and general abilities have improved remarkably.  I'm over 70 years old and really thought my activities would be limited forever.  I was wrong, thanks to Kari and GLA:D.

I have been getting physio from Kari for my foot surgery and my hip replacement. Kari Lamden, is very thorough and I like the little video,s that I can play back to make sure I am doing the exercise properly. Kari, also explains everything and with covid it is not easy but Kari is making it go smoothly.

Barb Lauzon
yes I was very happy with Sarah and will request her assistance in future.

Helena O'Donoghue
Excellent experience with all your staff.
Thank you

John Carscallen
I broke my right arm at the elbow on May 8 I had immediate surgery and started physiotherapy on June 1. A wise professional told me listen to your physiotherapist do whatever they say they’re smart people. I was very concerned about getting the right therapist so I prayed. My husband checked out Bonavista physical therapy because it was close to our home and read the reviews online. Sarah was chosen for me and I could not be more pleased. She videotaped the exercises for me on my iPad so I could refer to them and wrote out instructions which coincided with those videos. Each week she measured progress and encouraged me. My range of motion is currently within 5% of my left arm and my surgeon has indicated anything with an 11% is near perfect and I’ll never notice a difference. I continue to see Sarah on a weekly basis in order to address strength, wrist and ulner nerve residual issues but am confident with the progress made this far. Sarah was exactly the right fit for me and I would never hesitate to recommend her for anyone else.

I took physiotherapy in a small group via virtual delivery from Bonavista Physical Therapy for 6 weeks this Spring on a specified program. My physiotherapist, Kari Lambden, offered individual monitoring and caring to each of us remembering our unique concerns and to what degree. I felt Kari attended to this situation well and was pleased with the attention and help I received . Well recommended.

Barb Everett
I did not think that virtual therapy would work. It is not as good as being in the clinic in person but it has definitely helped me get what I need to get my shoulder back in use. We all need to do what needs to be done during this pandemic and I so appreciate Bonavista Therapy for reaching out to their patients and helping them. Thank you.

Debbie Vansickle
I am so happy to report to you Rachelle that her exercises worked so well that I no longer have any back/hip pain and it only took2 sessions I am still doing those exercises every day to strengthen my back Thank you so much, Lynne.

Lynne Sansome
Gord has given me printed exercises to do to get rid of pain in my knees, hips, neck and shoulder at different times.

I am grateful for the relief of pain.

Gord is very pleasant and helpful.

Ann Weatherdon
Rachelle is great. I feel her energy and encouragement helped me to stay with the program required for a speedy recovery from my recent knee replacement. Thank you Rachelle.

Wayne Medhurst
all of the staff at Bonavista are very nice, but my therapist Audrey always goes above and beyond to help me achieve the best results possible. I hear her with other patients and she treats everyone with the same caring attitude, she's awesome.

Heather Ireland
All of the staff at Bonavista are awesome, but Audrey, my therapist, always goes above and beyond to help me get the best results possible. I hear her with other patients and she treats everyone with the same considerate and personal care.

Heather Ireland
Thank you to Kari and front desk staff.
The Gla:d program was excellent and Kari was very thorough in assessing each of our individual needs. I would highly recommend
your clinic .

Joan M
I enjoyed and feel that I benefited greatly from the exercises and attention given by Kari Lambden.

Frances Viner
I do not wish to leave a" Google Review" However I would like to say that no matter whom I see at your clinic, I always get the best therapy possible and will always be a customer of yours !!

Harry Kirkham
After my fall in early August I have had a few sessions with Eochelle

I am now doing twice a month and
Starting to feel better with my
Sleep and movement

I would recommend this clinic to

Jack Parry
Dear Bonavista Physiotherapy,

The help I received at Bonavista Physiotherapy was truly appreciated, and made a big difference regarding arthritis issues.

Mary Lee was excellent explaining things around arthritis and some of the things to do to maintain it on a daily level. I'm continuing with the preventative exercises she helped me with. I appreciated her level of knowledge and understanding regarding arthritis conditions. For me, it was my hands that were the most problematic.

I found the entire staff very friendly and with a wonderful sense of humor, and always helpful with everything.

Thank You all once again,


Dennis Way

I also dropped a card off to the staff last week to express thanks.

Dennis Way
First time patient.
Very pleased with Rachelle help
in diagnosis.
She was very helpful with my problem did follow up via phone call to my home.
Very impressed.
Wud refer anyone to your clinic

Cliff Nernberg
Any time I have a need for physical therapy, I immediately book at appointment with Gord Routledge at Bonavista Physical Therapy. Gord is not only an "excellent" Physical Therapist but he is also qualified in IMS which provides relief for flare ups of an old ski injury. Gord is definitely my "go to" person whenever I have a need for either physical therapy or IMS and I would highly recommend him to any prospective clients! He is very much a no nonsense therapist - he thoroughly assesses each situation and comes up with a treatment plan to provide relief. The Office Staff at Bonavista Physical Therapy are also terrific. HIGHLY RECOMMEND GORD ROUTLEDGE.

Laurene King
I have been coming to this clinic when ever I need it since 1989. Always satisfied.
Keep up the great work.
Thank you!

Olga Thurlow
I don't have accounts with Google, Facebook or Yelp so I can't send a review. However, I would just like to say that the exercises Mary Leigh gave me really worked and my legs feel a lot better. Thanks.

I am rehabilitating a torn rotator cuff tendon under Merrylee's guidance. The diagnosis was a hard blow to take but she has designed an excellent progressive program that I can already feel the benefits from in just 3 weeks. I am very hopeful that I can function pain-free and get back to normal soon. Very pleased so far with the cate and atention I have received.

Jim Irani

I am a new patient at Bonavista Physio, having registered for the Gla:D program for arthritis. I have to say my experience from the moment I arrived at reception has been absolutely excellent. Everyone is pleasant, professional and enthusiastic about what they do. I especially like how everyone actually listens to what I have to say about my needs, and how knowledgeable and flexible Kari is when deciding on the correct therapy for various problems.

A big thank you to all!
Pat J.

Pat J, A Big Thanks to All, Bonavista Physical Therapy, AB
Audrey is the best!! She helped me gain a quick recovery and will, hopefully, receive her help when I get my left knee replacement in January.

Thanks all of you for being the cheerful people behind the desk and Audrey out at the back. You all work so well together.

Jean Sheppard
I am pleased with the results I got from my physical therapy treatments.

Thanks Sara.

Roger Nobert
Thank you Merryanne for your excellent treatment I am getting a x-ray and ultrasound on my shoulder and we'll take it from there thanks Brian

Brian Pigeon
They are amazing team, everyone was very thoughtful and helpful. I brought my daughter Izabela and they took care of her and gave their full attention to her needs. I would recommend them to all my families and friends

Izabela Narciso
You fixed a painful and debilitating problem in one visit. Superb service. I will recommend you to anyone seeking help.
Jim Thornborough

Jim Thornborough
The whole experience with Audrey has been so positive. Every appointment has me moving forward in hope as well as in physical improvement. She sent me a personal message along with exercises to do for the next two weeks. Now how special is that!
Thank you staff, a warm pleasant group that you are, and a big thank you to Audrey for being the competent physiotherapist that you are with the added touch of compassion.
Jean Sheppard

Jean Sheppard
Amazing group of people made me feel so very welcome and assured me they could help. So glad I listened to them because I am so much better today .Sarah was fantastic and gave me the help I needed so thank you and I will refer people to your clinic for sure.

Linda Hill
Your a lucky group to have a therapist like Rachelle! I will be coming back as need because she is amazing!



I have had had several issues treated at Bonavista Physical Therapy and have been extremely pleased with the results. MerryLee always explains the procedure and the number of visits that will be needed. MerryLee and the office staff do an extraordinary job of trying to get their clients in as soon as possible. Thanks for your great service!

Chris Chatel
Highly recommend,
What you want is someone who looks for the cause rather than treating the symptoms. I have been seeing Audrey Long for a knee problem that is really tricky to figure out. Audrey works logically through my vague descriptions and I am beginning to see results for the first time. She prescribed a series of exercises or movements based on what I could do without further injury but challenging enough to get results. Hopefully I can return to work soon! The front desk staff are friendly and efficient and the other clients coming in all seem happy with their treatment by the other therapists. (I’m not just saying that because they give me free candy!)

Patrick Cochrane
Thank you for your e-mail. I am very pleased with Merrylee's therapy treatments. She is compassionate and caring.
I am practicing her exercise program and getting much better. I will more then likely return in the near future.
I will refer her to my friends.
Thank you

Irene Ruzsvanszki
I am finding the sessions very helpful as I go about my daily activities, with my workouts at the SPA and my home exercise routine. It is ver much appreciated.

Janet Hansen
My experience was fast and professional Mary Lee was to the point and effective while showing compassion and positivity towards recovery and an optimistic outcome. I couldn't ask for better treatment I will continue to come to Bonavista Physiotherapy for all my needs related. As always thank you so much for being there when I need you David mcgilvray.

David mcgillivray
Had a bulging disc upper back.
Diagnosed and treated so efficiently.
Have seen other professionals and never felt like money well spent. These guys are well worth the money. I was pain free and back on track in record time.
Thank you

Andy W
Just great! Will recommend to others!

Wally Rooke
Prompt, efficient and friendly staff, that includes the front desk. I don't hesitate to recommend to friends.

Eric Deibert
Rachel was great and the therapy that she provided was excellent.

although I really wanted to start doing stuff even before she would tell me to go ahead. I feel real fit. a couple more sessions and I think I will be back running and hiking and climbing.

she is great and definitely will recommend all my friends.


semin merali
Excellent and accommodating team, scientific approach that bring results.

Thank you Marry Anne

Thayer Ramahi
Thank you Gord. Listened to my problem and fixed my pain. What more can I say, but thank you again and again.

John maguire
Thank you for getting Maureen and I started. Very happy with the service. It enabled us both to be able to transition to other physical therapy here in Edmonton. A targeted cortisone shot for Greg really helped him move ahead also.

Greg McFetridge
I only had 2 visits with Rachelle Anderson and she was excellent. I would go back to her.

Keith peppinck
Excellent. I have more mobility in my arthritic hip than I did before. I shall continue with the excursuses until I have surgery in ???
Rachel was excellent and so pleasant. Will certainly recommend her to friends and family.
Thanks. Marlene. Whitley.

Marlene Whitley
Excellent experience, my physio Susan M. was just wonderful! The help Susan provided to get my back well again was incredible. I would highly recommend bonavista and the Mackenzie program.


Kathryn Quinn
After knee replacement surgery I was discouraged until I made my first appointment with Rachelle. Her skill set and lovely encouraging personality have gotten me through both my pain and loss of flexibility. She is just a delight and I look forward to physio with her.
My daughter had to make a emergency back appointment in April and Gord was amazing for her too. You have great physios and the atmosphere is much more welcoming than years ago. Bravo.

Joan karlowsky
thank you for all the great help. I got excellent results and am moving better and my knee is back to normal and I'm still working on my balance , I've improved greatly all around. The discomfort in my hip has improved. Thanks again. By the way, this is the fifth post-surgical therapy I've had at Bonavista Therapy! Best wishes Reri

Reri Haakmeester
I had Rachelle as my physio and I found her excellent , her exercise- based approach was very effective. I was back to golfing in no time . I have mentioned your clinic to my friends and I will return if I need work on again. Thanks again.

Bob Cochrane
Thank you so much Marissa!! 🙂

Kelly Debevc
I have been attending Bonavista for the past five weeks. I am extremely satisfied with the progress I am making for a torn meniscus. I cannot say enough as to my appreciation to John for his dedication and most professional approach to addressing my injury. Also, thanks for so much encouragement John. The staff at Bonavista are pleasant and very helpful.

Judith Attwell
Pavithra Raman
6 months ago

Recently had a massage sessions with Erin and Sharon. They did a very good job. Worth every penny spent. Would definitely refer my family and friends to them. Front desk staff are amazing as well.

Jacques Botha

Jacques Botha
3 months ago

Gord is probably the best physio I've had and I've had quite a few physio therapy sessions in my life. Not only is he professional but excellent at what he does. 5 Star and I will continue going to this place.

thanks for these great reviews!
I just went for my 12 week post knee replacement appointment at the Hip and Knee Clinic. They asked where I went for my physiotherapy. I told them I saw Merrylee at Bonavista Physical Therapy, and that I thought she did a great job. (They were very impressed with the change in my measurement of flexion (72 to 120) and extension (-25 to -6). I said she was very nice and really knew how to deal with my other limitations as well. I told them if they were asked for a referral to a physiotherapist or a clinic, I would highly recommend her. I am going to see her on a maintenance basis, but I will definetly be seeing Merrylee after my second knee replacement.
Debra Stenhouse
Calgary, Alberta

Debra Stenhouse
THANKS, THANKS, THANKS!!! I was able to go home and play with my puppy and have a relaxing evening!! Never have I had so much relief from acute pain, so fast, in all the seven years I've had migraines.

from our online patient survey
Kari and the staff at Bonavista Physical Therapy are very professional and at the same time very friendly and cheerful. Kari, pushes the individual when it is necessary and backs off when it is also necessary... always she is encouraging,optimistic and will try different things if one thing is not working. I would definitely come back and would definitely recommend Kari and her staff to others.

from our online patient survey
Therapist determined cause of the problem My problem wasn't really figured out, before coming there....however, the therapist was very good at determining the cause of the problem, and aiding in my recovery. Anon

from our online patient survey
Clinic seems to be well run. Appointments are punctual. Receptionist always friendly and efficient. Any staff I encounter in reception area are friendly. The massage therapist I see is very knowledgeable. Anon

From our online patient survey...
Gord Routledge is very professional and competent in his line of work. He has assisted me in recovering from several sports related injuries over the last couple of years and is always very efficient and very clear in explaining himself. He is very nice to deal with. The office staff are very efficient too. Great work and keep it up! It is nice to have a quality service in the neighborhood and I've recommended your business to collegues and friends (and will continue to do so).

From our Patient Survey
Achilles Tendonitis/Tendinosis
I have suffered with left Achilles pain for the past 8-10 months. I was unable to run more than 2 miles, I had morning stiffness that prevented me from walking down the stairs properly and I was unable to hop at all on that leg without pain. I felt I had no “spring” in my Achilles. I noticed that there was a hard “lump” on my tendon as well. I have been athletic all my life from playing competitive basketball, swimming and running but no matter how much stretching I did for my Achilles, I could not get it to loosen up. 6 months ago, I went to a foot clinic where they fitted me for new orthotics but my Achilles still did not get better. I then tried 10 sessions of laser (at a big expense) and got absolutely no relief. I was wondering if acupuncture would help and I found Bonavista Physio on line and noticed they did acupuncture. Instead of acupuncture, my therapist prescribed a specific exercise technique designed to remodel the tissue in my tendon. I had to perform the exercise 2 times a day. After the first day, my calf muscle was SO sore but I continued with the exercises anyway as my Achilles was no worse. Once my muscle soreness wore off (about 3 days later), I noticed my Achilles was MUCH better. The morning stiffness was gone and I could hop without pain! It is now 2 weeks since my initial appointment and the lump on my Achilles is resolving – it is about half the size it was initially. I only attended physiotherapy two times and the rest of the time, I do my exercises. I have never had such fast results with any other type of treatment.

G.Kelly (Calgary)
"In early February of 2005 I was woken up in the middle of the night by a debilitating pain accompanied by severe muscle spasms that encompassed my neck, left shoulder, left arm and down the left side of my back and side. The pain was so severe that I was unable to lay down in a horizontal position for the next four days. I literally had to get what sleep I could by tipping my head forward into a pillow propped up on a desk top.

From then until the end of May that year I went through a progression of x-rays and ultra-sound diagnostics on my shoulder and an unsuccessful round of physiotherapy involving heat, electical stimulation and ultrasound treatments and a variety of prescription medications to no avail.

Next my neck was x-rayed again with nothing abnormal showing up. As the pain was still not under control my medication also kept increasing until the side effects became too problematic. The result was a level of medication that kept me functioning only.

Finally in October of 2005 an MRI result indicated a condition called Fibromyopic Dysplasia and Degenerative Disk Disease (a bulging disk pressing on a nerve). A referral to the National Spine Centre then resulting in a neuro-surgeon's diagnosis confirmation and my subsequent addition to a 12 month long surgical waiting list.

With 12 months to wait, I asked if there was something we could try in the mean time and was referred to Audrey Long at the Bonavista Physical Therapy Clinic toward the end of May 2006 - 16 months after the original onset of my condition and several thousand dollars later.

Audrey and her assistant began working with me using the McKenzie Method a specialized system of therapy for the neck and back. It is the 4th of July 2006, less than 2 months later and I have every reason to believe that I will be taken off the surgical waiting list. Not only have I regained almost all of the mobility I lost, I have been able to come off almost all of my prescriptions. By seeing Audrey twice a week at first and doing the simple exercises she has taught me, I can now, with very little outside help, control any residual pain and help promote my own healing. So much time has passed since the original injury, it will take some time for my neck to heal - however, at least at this stage of the game; it is clear that it will - without surgery!!!!

I feel I have a new lease on life!!!

I am very fortunate to have had my experience turn out this well, however I can't help but wonder how much quicker my injury would have responded to treatment had I been referred to Audrey or someone like her in the first place and how much unnecessary physical, mental and financial suffering could have been prevented.

Having lived through it - I am now a strong advocate for physical therapy as a pre not post surgical tool. I think our health care system would benefit tremendously if an initial 10 treatments would be covered. I am confident that many, far more expensive, surgical procedures could be avoided. As a result, much suffering and time would be saved not to mention the ability to re-allocate medical system resources not used here. A win-win situation!

Kim B. (Calgary)
Our family have been patients of Bonavista Physical Therapy for a number of years. Through the years we have had treatment for a number of sport related sprains, strains and a couple of knee operations and we he have always been very happy with the professional treatment and service received. In fact talking to a sports physician and an Orthopedic Surgeon Bonavista Physical Therapy is known to them and is recommended when a recommendation is requested. Staff have always been very helpful and friendly and it is that relationship along with the professional treatment, that has us continuing to visit Bonavista Physical Therapy whenever the need arises."

Richard S. (Calgary)
"I would like to take this opportunity to express my extreme satisfaction for the level of service I have received from the staff at Bonavista Physical Therapy. Their knowledge and professionalism was above and beyond. I have had the good fortune to have benefited from such an environment for a total of five months of therapy at three times a week. Their diagnosis of my injury led me to obtain treatment that I would not otherwise have received. I am especially grateful to my physical therapist, Christia for her professionalism, compassion, knowledge, and dedication. With her help I have achieved a great deal of success in my recovery. I would like to recommend their services to anybody requiring treatment as they are all a very skilled and wonderful group of people."

"With much gratitude, a huge thank-you"

Sabine V. (Calgary)

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