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There are currently only four clinics in Canada that are certified by the McKenzie Institute as specialized treatment centres and patients attending such clinics are guaranteed to receive treatment by the McKenzie Method ® in its purest form.


Local Spa Offers Pain Relieving Exercise Methods, August 16 2010
If you’ve ever hurt your back or had joint pain in your hips or knees, you know how difficult it can be to get relief.
Well, there’s a school of thought that we all have the ability to heal ourselves through very specific exercises…
Robin McKenzie on TVNZ’s Close Up
15th July 2010
Watch Robin McKenzie talk to Close Up about his latest back and neck pain book and see the results as Robin demonstrates his self treatment techniques to relieve the cameraman’s neck pain.
Why McKenzie Method Works for Your Back
This animated video introduction to The McKenzie Method helps patients understand why the method might work for them. This is an introduction and does not give details on the exercises.  To purchase click here

Danny’s Story – Using Treat Your Own Neck
This is a story we hear far too often – Danny searches for and finds a solution to his neck and arm pain using Treat Your Own Neck.

Bonavista Physical Therapy has the unique distinction of being the only accredited McKenzie Clinic in Alberta. Unlike traditional physiotherapy techniques, the McKenzie Method ® (also called MDT or Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy) (practiced by all our therapists) is focused on empowering you to SELF TREAT using individually prescribed very simple exercises and postures. Most people do not realize that many of the aches and pains we experience can be rapidly reversible if properly assessed.  Even people with chronic pain that responded poorly to traditional conservative treatment often get rapid results using the McKenzie Method ® – often within the first session.  This method is gaining popularity due to the extent of support in the literature, and the cost benefit to clients and insurance companies.   Instead of weeks of treatment using other treatment methods, with MDT, 4 sessions are usually enough.

At an accredited McKenzie clinic, you will receive a detailed assessment to determine the nature of your problem. Then you are taught, often in as few as three or four appointments, how to continue your treatment at home, and avoid recurrences of your problem. For more information about the McKenzie Method ®:

The McKenzie Method – More Facts

  • Research has shown that the McKenzie assessment is as reliable as CT scans and MRI’s in determining the source of the patient’s pain and the potential for recovery but only when a properly trained clinician performs it.
  • Many musculoskeletal problems can be rapidly reversed if they are properly assessed.
  • 50-70% of people with low back and leg pain rapidly improve when they are given the correct treatment.
  • Rapid responders often include patients who have not benefited from other treatments. They can be identified in 1-2 visits.
  • The McKenzie Method is the most researched physiotherapy treatment system.

Unfortunately, many clinicians claim to “do McKenzie” when in fact they are only using a few of the techniques along with other treatments.  The research shows that unless the clinician has been certified (ie taken all the courses followed by the exam), they often are not able to get the results that a fully trained MDT therapist can.


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